Jordan Jastro

Professional Human, Yacht Aficionado, Friend, Marketer.

Founder, Tapflow — a consulting company focusing on helping agencies eliminate chaos by streamlining digital operations.

About Me

As a Marketing Nerd, I spent my first decade leading marketing for companies like Google, We Are Rosie, MuteSix, and more as I built and scaled marketing programs and teams for hundreds of brands.

I started my own marketing agency and quickly started consulting most of our clients on how they can lead happier, healthier, and more profitable teams and departments.

In 2022 I set down my ad agency and focused on helping digital agencies, in-house marketing teams, and other professional services companies streamline their digital operations.

Outside of work, I'd like to think that I'm a slam-dunk friend, dog dad, son, and brother. My most impressive skills include: four-time workplace cornhole champion, one decent tweet, and always remembering Airbnb entry codes.

Jordan Jastro

my team and i have worked with


Dandy Del Mar
18 months

Dandy Del Mar

In just 7 months of working together, we took Dandy Del Mar from inception to an established and reputable brand doing multiple 6-figures per month.
Paid social
paid search
Sun Haven
12 months

Sun Haven Furniture

We took Sun Haven from $745k in annual revenue to $6.5M in ad-attributable rev in 5 months. Scaled to $2M/mo within first 12 months.
paid media
email & SMS
Vineyard Vines
12 months

Vineyard Vines

More than 268% online growth from the previous year, with less budget, showing an increase in overall ROAS by more than 400%.
paid social
paid search
Years Experience
in scaling brands
Total Dollars
personally spent
generated for clients
shoutouts from my raving fans.


Shannon | Director of Ecommerce, Vineyard Vines

"We started working with the West Wind team in Q4 of 2020, just before one of the most important seasons of the year for our business, and were tremendously pleased with our results. The team played an integral role in our 4th quarter success and have truly shown what a great partnership should look like." 

Michael | Founder & CEO, SunHaven Furniture

“Since partnering, we saw a 1000% increase in revenue in the first 3 months. Their creative-first approach has not only allowed us to drive great results through paid media, but also revamp our website and build out more engaging email marketing campaigns that are now accounting for 29% of our total revenue. The team goes above and beyond - not just delivering results but educating along the way. The team and I consider them an extension of our team and are a pleasure to work with.”

Marc | Founder, Slowdown Studio

“Slowdown studio has grown in all facets of our business since partnering with West Wind. We have scaled our revenue substantially while expanding our partnership to include all performance marketing channels. By consolidating our core digital channels through the team, it's allowed us to accelerate our growth and has provided real cohesion in everything we do.”

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